Humanities Computing Seminar: Spring 2000

Teaching with Digital Media:
A Panel Discussion

Friday, 4 February 2000
at noon in Clemons 201

Johanna Drucker, Media Studies and English Department
R. Lee Kennedy,, Drama Department and Teaching+Technology Initiative
Cheryl Mason, Curry School and Virginia Center for Digital History

How do design and production issues factor into teaching with digital media? What are the some possibilities for humanities computing in the college and secondary classroom? How can digital media help to flatten the learning curve in skills-based disciplines? What sort of technical training do instructors most need? How is information technology shaping the way we teach and learn?

Employment in Digital Media:
A Panel Discussion

Friday, 10 March 2000
at noon in Clemons 201

Bob Weisbuch, president of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
David Gants, assistant professor at the University of Georgia (UVA alum)
Kelly Moulton, executive vice president, Bottle Rocket Games (UVA alum)

Join us to discuss current academic and non-academic employment opportunities for computing humanists.

Research and Digital Media:
A Panel Discussion

Friday, 31 March 2000
at noon in Clemons 201

Matthew Kirschenbaum, University of Kentucky (Abstract)
John Dobbins, Corcoran Department of Art (Abstract)
John Unsworth, English Department and Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (Abstract)

How can graduate students and faculty use digital media to take control of their research agendas and professional identities? What is it like to work in electronic media within a field accustomed to technological research projects? And how do such projects play out in more conservative disciplines? What is the role of interdisciplinary collaboration in humanities computing? And how is the end result of this collaboration best described?

Join UVA alumnus Matt Kirschenbaum, Archaeology professor John J. Dobbins, and IATH director John Unsworth to discuss research in digital media.

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