Driving Directions

Driving Directions from Washington D.C. / Northern Virginia

UVA is about 2 ½ hours from DC, depending on the traffic.

Driving Directions from I-64

UVA is about 1 hour west of Richmond and about 1/2 hour east of Route 81.

On Grounds

IATH is located in Alderman Library: please see the map for a reference. There are several ways in. If you exit the parking garage by the University Bookstore entrance you can take routes 1 or 2.

Driving Map

Route 1 goes up the stairs to the right of Newcomb Hall; in front of Peabody Hall and the Harrison Institute; and into the front door of Alderman Library.

Route 2 goes down the hill (along Newcomb Rd.) past the Clemons Library loading dock. Turn right and go up the stairs, and cross the plaza in front of the Clemons entrance. Go past the large statue ("The Aviator," aka "Icarus") and you'll see the front entrance to Alderman on your left.

Once you walk into Alderman, turn left and walk past the Alderman café and turn right to enter the stairwell. Walk down the stairs to the 3rd floor, then turn right and right again. Walk all the way to the end of the corridor and you'll be in the IATH offices. The main IATH desk will be on your left, about 10 feet past the elevator.

If you exit the parking garage by the University Bookstore loading dock, you can take route 3. This route goes down the hill (along Newcomb Rd.) past Clemons Library and to the Alderman Library loading dock. Enter the building through the loading dock and walk through the receiving area. Turn left and you'll see the elevator. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor. When you exit the elevator, turn right and then right again and walk about 10 feet to the main IATH desk.