Worthy Martin Worthy Martin 434-924-3004 Worthy Martin received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas-Austin in 1981. He then joined the University of Virginia in 1982 as a professor of Computer Science. He is the author or co-author of 55 papers. His primary research interest is dynamic scene analysis, i.e., computer vision in the context of time-varying imagery, as well as the fundamental concepts involved in machine perception systems composed of independent processes operating in distributed computing environments and cooperating to form interpretations of image sequences.
Shayne Brandon System Administrator Shayne Brandon 434-924-3407 Shayne enjoys everything but work. Hobbies include woodworking, growing fruit, building things, watching TV, and dreaming. Has the ability to befriend scoundrels and rascals in addition to kings and queens - though the opportunity to meet kings and queens hasn't materialized yet. And he loves his family.
Cindy Girard IT Specialist Cindy Girard 434-982-4547 Cindy is IATH's resident X-geek (XML, XSLT, XPath, Xquery - any X-initialed coding, really). Her two children have long since outgrown her and are thrilled about it. She's also working towards her second degree black belt in karate, so if you see bruises on her arms and legs, don't be alarmed - that's normal. She enjoys playing games with her family and watching movies and will never forgive FOX for canceling Firefly.
Susanna Klosko Digital Humanities Project Design/Manager Susanna Klosko 434-924-6705 Susanna earned her PhD in Jewish History from Brandeis University in 2017. Around that time, she grew to care about the ways technology could be harnessed to further the writing of "history from below". Soon afterward, she discovered that she simply loved working with computers. Susanna found her way to IATH, where through her role as project manager/designer she gets to spend her days helping scholars realize their visions. She also enjoys developing Ruby on Rails applications and experimenting with file transformation scripts. In her free time, when she's not staring at one screen or another, she likes to be outside, or spending time with her family and the many many animals in their lives.
Lauren Massari Multimedia Designer Lauren Massari 434-243-2690 Lauren is IATH's go-to person for 3D architectural visualization and animation. Her work focuses mostly on cultural heritage projects, including JUEL, Digital Montpelier, and Historic Fort Snelling. Before coming to IATH in 2012, Lauren received a Bachelor of Architectural History from the University of Virginia and a Master of Architecture from the University at Buffalo, concentrating in Inclusive Design. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring all Charlottesville and the surrounding area have to offer.
Doug Ross Programmer Analyst Doug Ross 434-243-2112 Doug is IATH's codeman. He likes writing code, and particularly enjoys creating Internet accessible human-user interfaces to databases. He likes taking public transportation to work; reads weird books and drinks tea. Find out more here.
Joy Shifflette Administrative Procedures Specialist Joy Shifflette 434-924-4527 Joy is the heart and soul of IATH and keeps everyone happy (she IS in charge of payroll, after all). She is the only one who really knows what's going on. She has the patience of a saint, until she's ticked off, and enjoys practical jokes and cheese fries.
Sarah Wells Scholarly and Technical Communications Officer Sarah Wells 434-924-4370 Sarah has worked at IATH, on and off, since 1995. Her current job has a variety of tasks, including project management, XML mark-up, and technical writing. She also studies opera and has her black belt in karate, so that what cannot be gained from logical persuasion can be gained through hysterical sobbing or an intimidating glare.
In Memoriam
Robbie Bingler Senior Programmer Analyst Robbie Bingler Robbie Bingler, a programmer in language de Jour, database and interface developer, bug wrangler, and all around integration specialist to "make things work." He was also the person on the other end of Keswick's leash.
Keswick Recreation Specialist Keswick Keswick, a well-bred Virginia gentleman, a proud graduate of the rigorous Service Dogs of Virginia training program. He was partnered with Robbie Bingler, and his duties included canine and small animal liaison services, 3D object retrieval, real-time socialization routines and social networks, and visitor querying and investigation services. He also demonstrated an unexpected facility for languages, having rapidly acquired an admirable grasp of Italian.
Service Dogs of Virginia