Resident Fellowship

Resident Fellows receive office space, partial support for a graduate research assistant, use of computer equipment and software, and intensive technical support from IATH during the first two years of their fellowship. All resident fellows continue as fellows of the Institute for the life of their projects, but it is expected that the major portion of technical assistance will be given during the term in residence. The applicant must secure commitment to a single course teaching release for the fellowship period and partial support for a research assistant from their Department Chair with endorsement by their Dean's Office.

Much of the work of the Resident Fellows during their time at IATH will be devoted to project design, collection of primary data, digitizing of analog information, and testing of technical and methodological approaches. A significant amount of effort is also focused, during the fellowship year, on finding outside sources of funding for the continuation or completion of the project. Previous Fellows have embarked on ambitious, multiyear projects that will, in many cases, redefine scholarship in their respective areas.

The Associate Fellowship

Associate Fellowships are designed to support projects that are in early stages of development or projects that need a small amount of assistance to come to fruition. Associate fellows receive generally lower levels of support than fellows in residence, but IATH will provide as much support as it can. That support may take the form of consulting on project design and on technical issues, ad hoc support for project expenses, the loan of equipment, grant-writing assistance, and the like. Associate fellows attend Institute functions and are given access to a wide variety of IATH-maintained facilities. Associate Fellows retain their status until the completion of their project or until selected as a Resident Fellow. Past Associate Fellows have also worked towards obtaining publishers and other forms of funding to continue their projects. The application procedures for Associate Fellows are the same as those for Resident Fellows. List of former associate fellows.

Application Procedures

Only full-time faculty at the University of Virginia are eligible to apply for Resident Fellowships. Interested faculty should contact IATH to receive an application form, or can get the form directly here. Fellowships begin June 1, and applications for a June 1 fellowship are due by the end of the preceding February. Decisions of the selection committee will be made by the end of March. Applications are reviewed by a committee of University faculty and administrators and a recommendation is made by the committee to the director of the Institute. All applicants are considered for Resident Fellowship status. The committee may then recommend accepted applicants for either resident or associate status.

Fellow Services

IATH also offers all of its fellows a number of other services. Access to a variety of office equipment and supplies and secretarial services are among the basic benefits; computing and office equipment, including, laptops, scanners, PCs, fax machine, printers, and telephone services are also made available to all fellows. Fellows also have use of the Institute's extensive hardware and software infrastructure for electronic publishing, including networked document management systems, XML/SGML editing software, XML/SGML-to-Web server software, CAD programs, graphics software, and other tools.

IATH strongly encourages all of its fellows to apply for other sources of funding to support their projects. To this end, we employ a development officer, who can help fellows research funding prospects and develop grant proposals.

If you are considering submitting an application for a fellowship, we recommend that you look at current projects underway at the Institute, and we invite you to make an appointment to discuss your proposal with an Institute Director.

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